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In 2018 while working as Audio Director on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game, Steve Szczepkowski was asked if he thought that he could write and record a Hard Rock album that evoked strong 80s metal vibes that would be placed in the game. Steve jumped at the chance and paired up with long time musician friend writer/producer Yohann Boudreault. Together they delivered an epic album filled with hard rock anthems called “Space Riders”. The album appeared in the game as well as on all music streaming services under the name of fictional band Star-Lord. The album continues to grow and to show song plays in the millions. The game being a huge success, Szczepkowski/Boudreault would go on to enjoy a strong cult following for their work delivering the Star-Lord Band.

Based on the positive reception, the pair decided to make the jump from fictional band to an actual band that was separate from the Marvel entity. Adding high energy drummer Martin Plante to their existing line-up as well as bassist Stephane Bedard, they are writing and recording their first post Star-Lord songs and video with the track “Believer” and latest banger “ Carry That Home” under their new Band name: DEVIL ON THE RUN

DOTR plans to continue to record and release new music. “This is a pure example of people asking “what’s next?” Where can we get more music etc.? “And us humbly responding: We are driven by our passion of writing and sharing music. We’ll always be grateful for the way the Star-Lord Album was received and all the positive comments that have been sent our way and we simply wanted to keep writing and recording together… and putting music out there” says Szczepkowski.

Believer & Carry That Home by Devil On The Run are available on all streaming platforms.

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